Weed in New Delhi
Weed in New Delhi

Weed in New Delhi

India should be at the top of anyone’s list if they want to learn about one of the world’s most diverse cultures. New Delhi, the capital of India, is a beautiful city. Many temples and holy sites are well-known in the city, but that isn’t all! If you’re looking to learn and taste Indian food really, then New Delhi is the place you go! It’s very easy to get weed, and the police don’t enforce the laws against the illegal substance. Continue reading to learn how to get weed in New Delhi and how to smoke it.

Cannabis laws in India

Though cannabis is technically illegal, it typically is not of great concern to local officials. It’s reported that dealers will openly sell their products on the street, with little to no repercussions. Oftentimes you can walk through various neighborhoods and smell the hash being freely smoked out on the street.

Where to Get Cannabis in New Delhi

Because the city’s populace is quite receptive to cannabis and the majority of residents use it, getting pot in the city is actually incredibly easy, even if you don’t know anyone. Simply go to any bhang shop and ask for marijuana. Also, if you want a higher-quality cannabis, approach tuk-tuk drivers and ask if they can assist you during the journey. Also, don’t forget to haggle! If you don’t want to look for weed that way, simply go around the city and you’ll almost certainly come across individuals smoking or businesses selling bongs.

Cannabis Prices

When it comes to costs, you will fall in love with New Delhi because the prices are so affordable in comparison to the rest of the world. The average cost of 10 grams of cannabis produced outdoors is roughly $3. The taste is great, but the quality isn’t the best. Look for hashish if you want something of decent quality and potency. The cost of a gram of high-quality hashish begins at $7.


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