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get cannabis/weed in Manila weed in the philippines cannabis in the philippines Marijuana in Manila

Where to get weed in the Manila. If you’re searching for a relaxing holiday, the Philippines is the place to go. Manila, the capital city, is on the coast. There is so much to see and do, including stunning colonial-era buildings, delectable street food, and friendly people with big smiles. You might wonder, what is the state of cannabis in Manila. Continue reading to learn how to buy and smoke Cannabis/weed in Manila(Philippines).

Cannabis Laws in the Philippines

Laws regulating cannabis in the Philippines are very strict, and even carrying a few grams of cannabis can result in a prison sentence or possibly a life sentence. According to many stories, people were sentenced to life in prison for possessing only 5 grams of marijuana. Don’t play games with the cops because they are well-versed in the laws and are notoriously corrupt, so you never know if you’ll end up with a ticket outside the prison. Many individuals smoke there, but they keep their presence to a minimum, especially when purchasing cannabis.

Where to Get Cannabis/weed in Manila

Your best bet is to go to Sagada-Sagada, a popular tourist destination where folks are receptive to cannabis smoking. Despite the fact that Sagada is not immediately in Manila, it is only 14 kilometers away and is easily accessible. Another good technique to get cannabis is to make friends with the locals or strike up a conversation while riding in a tuk-tuk. These folks usually know others, and communicating with them won’t be difficult because many of them speak English fluently.

Cannabis in Manila – Prices

Surprisingly, the rules are strict and you can go to jail for using pot, but weed is plentiful and costs are inexpensive. Weed comes in little containers, generally enough for two joints, and you can acquire five bags for $5. If you buy cannabis on the street, you may expect to pay roughly $40 for a cigarette box filled with the drug. We don’t recommend purchasing greater quantities, but we wanted to give you an idea of the costs, as a kilo of cannabis costs roughly $300.

Marijuana in Manila is widely available, but the rules are severe, and tourists are frequently targeted by crooked cops. You can get out of problems with a bribe, but we recommend that you always be discreet when engaging in cannabis-related activities. You’ll be OK if you use your common sense. Have fun on your holiday!

get cannabis/weed in Manila weed in the philippines cannabis in the philippines Marijuana in Manila


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