Weed in Valencia
Weed in Valencia

Weed in Valencia

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Where to get cannabis in Valencia. Valencia is Spain’s third-largest city, behind Madrid and Barcelona, yet it is equally as fascinating to explore. Architecture, gastronomy, nightlife, and a beach are all available in the city. There are few things in life that compare to smoking cannabis on a Valencian beach, and every tourist to the city should have the opportunity to do so. This is our guide to weed in Spain (Valencia).

Cannabis Laws in Spain

As of  September 2021, I can provide information about the marijuana laws in Spain up to that date. Please note that laws and regulations regarding marijuana can change over time, so it’s important to verify the most current information from official sources or legal experts for the most up-to-date information. Here is a summary of the situation as of 2021:

  1. Personal Use: In Spain, the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana for personal use is decriminalized. This means that individuals are not subject to criminal penalties for possessing and using small quantities of cannabis in private spaces.

  2. Cultivation: Spanish law allows for the cultivation of marijuana for personal use. However, this is typically limited to growing a small number of plants (e.g., 1-2) for personal consumption. Commercial cultivation or large-scale operations are not permitted.

  3. Cannabis Clubs: Spain has a unique system of cannabis social clubs (CSCs) or “cannabis clubs.” These are private associations where members can collectively cultivate and share cannabis for personal use. These clubs operate in a legal gray area, and their legality can vary from one region to another. Some regions have regulations and guidelines governing these clubs, while others may take a stricter approach.

  4. Sale and Distribution: The sale and distribution of marijuana for recreational use remain illegal in Spain. Only licensed pharmacies are allowed to distribute medical cannabis products to patients with a prescription.

  5. Medical Marijuana: Spain has a legal framework for medical cannabis use. Patients with specific medical conditions can access medical cannabis products through pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription.

Where to Get Cannabis/Weed in Valencia

As previously said, the easiest way to obtain marijuana in Valencia is via a “cannabis club.” They sell high-quality marijuana and are far more dependable than a street dealer, but they are exclusively open to locals and most of them require an invitation. You should take a walk along the beach, particularly in the “Cabanyal” neighborhood adjacent to the beach. It’s a seedy area with a lot of gypsies selling marijuana in the evenings throughout the summer. If you walk by, they will almost always offer to sell you something. Otherwise, keep an eye out for Moroccan-speaking vendors selling along the beach or in popular tourist areas. It is unlawful to buy marijuana from a dealer, and the quality is usually poor.The typical price per gram is 6-10 euros, depending on how good of a barterer you are.

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