Weed in Frankfurt
Weed in Frankfurt

Weed in Frankfurt

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Finding weed in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is the largest city in central Germany, attracting millions of visitors each year. While smoking weed while exploring the city is strongly recommended, you should be aware of the local restrictions. The herb is decriminalized, so if you’re caught with a small amount, you’re likely to get away with it, but it all depends on the police officer. A quick guide to cannabis in Frankfurt can be found here.

Cannabis Laws in Germany: 

Cannabis laws in Germany are less strict unlike other cities in Europe. In public, smoking is acceptable, although weed isn’t totally legal. Consumption is no longer illegal, therefore you can get away with having up to 10 grams on you. The most important thing to remember is that everything is up to the police officer. They can arrest you for having a few grams of marijuana on you, but the court will not prosecute you. If you wish to smoke outside, we recommend only bringing one joint.

Where to Get Cannabis in Frankfurt: 

Where to get weed in Frankfurt. If you don’t have any pals in the city, going around the city is the best and easiest way to get weed. Check out the parks along the way because people are frequently smoking and hanging out there. Younger folks from the Middle East have a good probability of getting you high-quality cannabis or hash. If luck isn’t on your side, attempt Konstablerwache. In that place, weed is incredibly expensive, and you won’t receive the best buds, especially if you’re a visitor. That would be the very last place to look for cannabis.

Cannabis Prices: 

Prices in Frankfurt are on par with those in the rest of Germany, however they vary depending on where you shop. One gram of high-quality cannabis in Frankfurt will set you back roughly 8 euros at standard street costs. Hash is much less expensive, with prices starting around 5 euros per gram. A gram of low-quality cannabis will set you back roughly 12 euros at Konstablerwache.
Despite the fact that smoking pot is legal in Frankfurt, we recommend that you avoid public locations and smoke in the park. Visiting the parks is the best approach to find a good bud. If you’re having trouble finding weed, Konstablerwache is the final location you should try. You will undoubtedly find weed there, but of dubious quality.


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